deborah ligorio


Guided Meditation, 2016, at atthebar for "Soon Enough", Insitu, Berlin, photo credit Benjamin Whitley.

Guided Meditation and Workshop "Care As Affirmative Practice [the Eponym"], 2016, part of the program of interventions organized by The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) in the context of Lorenzo Sandoval solo exhibition 'Deep Surface'. L'Atelier Ksr, Berlin.

Guided Meditation, 2016,, VOLUME 1, ASSEMBLAGES, Open Humanities Press.

A Guided Meditation that involves breathing techniques and the imagination to address issues of politics and ecology, 2015, 3AM Performance Event - BlingBling edition.

Guided Meditation part of Our Future Network, by Alex Martinis Roe, with contributions from Cécile Bally, Deborah Ligorio, Carolina Soares, Valerie Terwei and Lea von Wintzingerode, as part of the series Salon of Aesthetic Experiments, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2015. Supported by Graduiertenschule für die Künste and Einstein Stiftung Berlin.

[the Eponym] Accessories in Algorithmic Gardens, with contributions from: Angela Balzano, Camilla Monga, and Zoe Romano. At Galleria Francesca Minini, Milan.

[The Eponym] A Guided Meditation, 2015, as part of the evening organized at A Public Library, Berlin, during the 'Lange Buchnacht in der Oranienstrasse'.

Deborah Ligorio, [the EPONYM] What can you bodily think?, 2014, Neue Nationalgalerie, Festival Future Nows, with contributions from: Wietske Maas, Alex Martinis Roe, Patricia Reed,Thilo Wiertz.